How to Install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Norton antivirus is used to identify potential threats in your system and then remove them. It is known to remove all kind of viruses, worms or other malicious risks which can harm your device and you may lose all your data. Norton Wi-Fi privacy is another feature of Norton to protect whenever you connect your device to Wi-Fi hotspots. It also secures user’s passwords, personal information as well as personal accounts and passwords whenever they connect to any unsecured network. Norton Support Number is also available for privacy-related issues.

Norton Wi-Fi privacy can be installed for any device you have. It allows you to browse securely over the public Wi-Fi your device is connected to. It is important to make sure that the internet connection you are connected to is secure enough and will not cause any loss to your data.

If you are a new Norton user and want to install Wi-Fi privacy, follow the given steps:
  • Go to Norton Wi-Fi privacy page.
  • Now select the number of devices
  • Click on “Subscribe Now”.
  • Follow the instructions shown to you.
  • Norton Wi-Fi privacy will be installed.
If you are an existing user of Norton security, to install the Wi-Fi privacy, go through the given procedure:
  • Open the Norton Wi-Fi privacy page.
  • Click on “Sign in”.
  • Sign in to your Norton account.
  • You will receive a prompt to download Norton Wi-Fi privacy.
  • Click on “Download”.
  • Click on “Setup Now” under Wi-Fi privacy section.
  • Follow the instructions to install the Norton Wi-Fi privacy.
If you want to install Norton Wi-Fi privacy for your Android or iOS device, then go through the given steps:
  • For Android, open play store and for iOS, go to the App store.
  • Enter “Norton Wi-Fi privacy in the search box and then check the results.
  • On an android phone, tap “Install” and then press “Accept and Download”.
  • For iOS users, tap “Get” and then press “Install”. You can sign in using your
  • Apple account details.
These are the ways using which you can get the Norton Wi-Fi privacy installed for your device. If you have any concern, then contact the technical support at Norton Technical Support Number. All the staff which is assigned to provide tech support is well-qualified, trained and skilled and can resolve any issue without taking any longer. If in doubt, don’t forget to call.


Restore your files from Norton Online Backup

Norton has made its place in the list of top-notch antivirus. It helps you protect your device from a
certain number of errors, security threats, and cyber criminals. Apart from the security, it provides you with an online backup solution which helps you secure your data in the most effective way. This helps you protect your files from data loss, corruption, and other issues.

If your device faces any problem, the Norton online backup can be restored on your device in this way you can avoid data loss, as every single file is equally crucial. Norton Antivirus Customer Support is helpful for you to guide you through the backup process using Norton utility.

To add files to Norton backup:
  • Log in to the official site of the Norton Online Backup.
  • Select Settings on the home page, and click on the icon of the desktop.
  • Now click on What tab under settings.
  • Select the Additional files and folder option and then tap on Add files.
  • Now choose the Add files to Backup set and browse the file and click Open.
  • At last, hit Save to finish the backup.
The below given steps will help you restore your Norton online backup:

1. Open the official site of Norton Online Backup:

2. Click on the sign in button

3. Use your Norton ID and password to sign in.

4. Now explore the File Actions menu in order to back up your files, now click Restore file to

5. Go to the Options sections, and from the list of systems, choose your computer on which you
want to restore files.

Now the files will back up on the Restore files folder on the desktop of your device. If you want
you to change the options if your device, click on Show options. Now choose the option Restore
Files to their original locations on your computer.
If you want to overwrite the file, go to the option namely Overwriting existing files.

6. Go to the Restore files option and follow the steps:
  • For complete backup including all files click on Restore All files.
  • If you want to backup few specific data click on Select Files to Restore.
  • In this option, you can browse for a particular file or folder from the backup. You can set
  • the Search criteria, by clicking on the Search box and enter the criteria and hit search. In
  • order to get eth advanced search option, tap Show Advanced Search.
7. Once you are down with selection, click on Restore files.

If you are encountering any issues while adding or backing file from the Norton backup set, call upon
Norton Phone Number in order to reach the Norton Help Desk.


What are the steps to activate and renew Norton antivirus?

There are a number of antivirus applications available in the market; Norton is the name that strikes first to the mind as it offers the complete security features. Keep on reading this tutorial you’ll come to know how to activate Norton antivirus. You just need to follow these steps and you are done with the process.

Directions to follow:
  • First, you need to turn ON your PC and make sure the PC is connected to the internet.
  • Once you do so, then start your Norton application and navigate to its main window. Once the window gets opened then press “Help”.
  • After that, Help Center window opens and there you’ll need to press on “Account Information”. Next, you have to click “Enter Product Key”.
  • Now you’ll need to enter your product key and then press “Next”.
  • Note: you can find the product key in your Norton account, you can check order confirmation email or it can be found on the product CD or retailer’s card. In case, you need help in this regard then connect with its experts.
  • Next, you need to follow on-screen prompts in order to complete this process.
  • On next screen, you have to follow on-screen prompts and then you have to press “Done.”

      Once you follow these above-mentioned steps you come to know how to activate Norton antivirus. In case, you need assistance while following these experts, then, it’s better to ask an expert. Rather than wasting your time, it’s a wise option to dial the Norton Support Phone Number +1-855-676-2448.

If you are an existing user of Norton antivirus application and looking for the process on how to renewal Norton antivirus, no worries, here is the solution. Keep on reading this article, you’ll come to know the process to renew Norton antivirus. Follow these given steps:

Steps to renew Norton antivirus:
  • If you have already turned ON your PC then open Norton antivirus application.
  • After that navigate to “Subscription Status” and then you have to click “Renew”.
  •   There you’ll find an option “Renew my subscription” and you need to check that your PC has internet access.
  • On next screen, you just need to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the renewal process of Norton antivirus.
  • Once you are done with this renewal process, close your web browser now.
  • In the renewal window, you have to follow the on-screen directions to complete this process.
  • In order to download the latest updates for your Norton antivirus application, you need to press run Live Update.
    Follow these above-given steps and you are done with the renewal process. In case, you need assistance in this regard, then make a move to Norton Support team by making a call. 

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Reasons behind the Popularity of Norton Antivirus Customer Service

Currently, antivirus software is widely used by the individuals and companies to protect their important data and privacy. This software also safeguards your device from the corrupting viruses, malware, and Trojans. Among other antivirus software in the market, Norton antivirus is one of the most popular and effective software. Across the world, Norton is the trusted and reliable name for anti-virus software.
Additionally, Norton offers extra protection based software for internet security. Due to the popularity of Norton antivirus among people, it receives many awards and the software renders high-quality results. Norton is not only excelling in offering protection but also excel for giving effective and genuine Norton support service to the customers.

While operating the first time or not configuring the software properly, you can experience few issues with the Norton software. In that case, you can get assistance from the Norton technical support service. They help you solve the issue quickly without any hassle. In order to provide the fullest protection, Norton offers Norton Secure Login to all its customers across the globe.

Why do users choose Norton antivirus customer service?

Millions of users choose Norton antivirus because of its worldwide use for security purpose. Moreover, it is very easy to get the number of the Norton customer service to get assistance to fix the problem from reoccurring. When you contact the Norton Antivirus Customer Services, any one of the professional will attend the call and provide necessary assistance to solve your problem.  Now, you can access Norton antivirus on your mobile to protect your device from infected virus and other harmful things.
Norton ensures the best mechanism to offer the technical assistance to the customers. They also help the customers to get connected easily with the experts via chat, phone, and mail. The main objective of the Norton antivirus support service is to give the best solution to the customers to fix their problem in simple steps. Therefore, you can contact the Norton Security Customer Service for how to fix the technical issues easily.

Fix Norton Identity Safe login problems
Depending on your scenario, select one of the following:
I am repeatedly prompted to enter my credentials
If you are prompted to enter your Norton Identity Safe credentials repeatedly when you try to sign in, try the following steps.
Restart your computer
1.    Exit all the programs.
2.    Restart the computer.
If the problem persists, go to Step 2.
Sign out and sign in to Norton Identity Safe
1.    Start your Norton product.
2.    On the top-right corner of the main screen, click on your username.
The username is displayed only if you have signed in with your Norton account credentials.
3.    In the Sign out dialog box, click OK.
4.    In the Norton product main window, on the Identity tab, click Identity Safe.
5.    In the Get started window, click Sign in.
6.    In the Sign In window, type in your Norton account credentials, and click Sign In.
7.    In the Vault Closed window, type your Norton Identity Safe vault password, and click Open.
I see an incorrect password error when I sign in
To access your online vault, you must first sign in to your Norton account, and then log on to your Identity Safe Vault. If you get an incorrect password error, you need to know if it is the Norton account password or the Identity Safe password that is causing the error.
Sign in to your Norton account from the Norton Identity Safe Toolbar
1.    In your web browser, if the Norton Identity Safe toolbar displays Vault is Closed, then click Vault is Closed.
2.    Type in your email address, and click Next.
3.    Type in your Norton account password, and click Sign In. If you do not remember your Norton account password, then click Forgot Password and follow the on-screen instructions to recover your lost password.
After you log on to your Norton account, you will be prompted for your Identity Safe Vault password.
Sign in to your Norton Identity Safe Vault
1.    Type in the Identity Safe vault password. If you have forgotten the vault password, click Show password hint.
2.    If you have forgotten the vault password and the password hint does not help, you need to delete the Identity Safe online vault.
For security reasons, if you have forgotten your Identity Safe vault password, you cannot reset or retrieve the vault password. When you delete the online vault, all your stored data is lost. However, if you have exported or backed up your vault, you can import this data into your new vault.
3.    To delete your Identity Safe vault, type in a wrong password three times, and then select click here.
4.    Click Yes, Delete My Vault.
5.    Type in your Norton account password, and click Delete My Vault.
6.    In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes to permanently delete the vault.
While performing these technical steps if any issue occurred then simply get in touch with Norton Help and Support Number   +1-855-676-2448

How does Norton support service help users?

Norton support service helps users in solving many issues that they faced with the Norton antivirus software. Below-mentioned is some of the common issues solved by the professionals.
  •          Troubleshoot Norton software opening problem
  •          Solve Norton scan problem
  •          Unable to remove viruses
  •          Norton running slow
  •          Troubleshooting Norton errors & windows registry
  •          Install and re-install Norton internet security
  •          Assist installing Norton on new devices
  •          Firewall settings
Apart from these, Norton support number team experts via our toll-free +1-855-676-2448 will solve several major issues through their in-depth knowledge and experience. Moreover, they offer round the clock service to assist you to a greater extent. 

Feel secure at home and at work with Norton internet security

Norton Account Sign in

Norton is one of the well-known providers of digital security. It has been providing security software for many years. It has gained the support of millions of customers because of its wonderful security products and services. You can now feel secure at home and at work as Norton internet security secretly protects your devices from all the vulnerable attacks which may harm you and your devices big time. It has some of the best key features which make it stand out of its competitions.

 Have a look at the key features and benefits of the Norton internet security:

  • The Norton internet security is one solution to protect all your devices.It provides you personal Norton Account where you can add your credentials and keep the antivirus in your control. Every time just go to Norton Account Sign in and put your username and password, there you can check your antivirus status
  • It is a complete package which provides protection against all the malware like viruses, spyware, worms and Trojan horses.
  • The aim is to provide you security, no matter what platform are you using.
  • You can protect all the devices at your home or at the business with just one soul internet security package.
  • You can now easily locate your lost or stolen phone with the wonderful features provided by Norton internet security for mobile.
  • Now, you don’t have to fear about unwanted downloads and websites.
  • Your children are protected and refrained from using websites or content which are not suitable for them.
  • It comes with 100% guarantee and wonderful support.

Norton internet security secures you from all the harmful attacks. It not only provides best services but also comes with a wonderful tech support. You can Contact Norton anytime and seek help from the experts if needed. Norton help and support number is completely toll-free and provides reliable support. Norton has made its credibility in the market with its amazing products and services.

Utilise Customer Support Number of Norton to Get Right Protection to Your Pc

In the ever-changing world, most people are accessing computer for various purposes. People are facing some issues for an operating personal computer. The antivirus software is important to protect a computer from malicious virus. We are offering a lot of antivirus software to get perfect protection from unwanted viruses. Norton Symantec offers your requested details to minimize problems which occur on your mac or PC. With the help of customer care number+1-855-676-2448, +1-855-675-4245, you can contact us at any time to resolve all problems that occurred by antivirus.  Our professionals solve top problems that faced by users.

Get perfect customer support service:
Our experts are always familiar to provide a good solution to access a computer. We provide trusted service to our clients and special deals for students.  However, you might get better customer support service from our experts for your computer. Through online, you can buy antivirus software to install on your system.  From us, you may get unique software to detect all threats on your computer and help to increase the performance of the device.

Powerful solution for professionals:
Experts in our company are creating antivirus software on their own. They are highly skilled and experienced in developing new software to secure computer from viruses, malware and Trojans Still we are supplying software different locations in all over the world. Norton Global Support has improved your convenience of operating computer in your comfort way.  Our technician’s team offers the best solution and right security to browsing some websites. 

Access computer user-friendly:

The customer support number help to order antivirus software or get excellent support service to your system.  Technicians know how to resolve problems at simple steps.  Moreover, you might get hundred percent guarantee and secure service from our professions. It is perfect place if you searching best professionals to operate computer or mac permanently without malware.   If you contact us, we response you call and offer right solution to your problems. Don’t waste your time for searching others or buying other antivirus products, so contact us today itself and enjoy by using a computer without any hassle.

How to Install Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Norton antivirus is used to identify potential threats in your system and then remove them. It is known to remove all kind of viruses, wo...